Company History

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AE Support Group was established in 1989 by Jack McClellan and Steve Pritchard. Initial efforts were centered around specialized support and training for Autocad® and Arris® users, including programming in the Autocad Autolisp® and Arris Sigmac® languages. In addition to running AE Support Group, Mr. McClellan has continued his architectural practice as principal of JDM Associates - Architects/Planners, which he founded in 1975. Mr. Pritchard has become one of the dedicated consultants to AE Support, working out of Atlanta, Georgia.

As the need for a broad range of services for architects and engineers was determined, specialized services were added over time as expertise and the network of consultants grew. Maintaining a small "front end" to provide personal contact and direction of consulting efforts has remained the philosophy of the company. By adopting the Sigma Design philosophy of "working smarter, not harder" throuhgout the organization, we maintain the ability to be personally available to our clients.

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