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AE Support Group began by offering a variety of support services for Architects and Engineers. That, combined with the fact that we initially offered service in both America and Europe, was where the name was born. Though our services have expanded to serve other groups, the name has been retained as a reminder of our continuing core business and our steadfast commitment to our existing client base.

We hope a quick tour of our web site will provide you with an overview of our services, products, and capabilities. We have always been known as leading edge providers of technology for our clients. Expanded technical support and communication services will be our emphasis in the near term.

As our services and products expand, we will be happy to notify you. Please feel free to register through our reply and information request form and we will contact you as special opportunities in your field are made available. Your name on our contact list will not be sold or shared, and your request for information will be honored as that alone.

As our site expands, we will soon be offering direct technical support on our products, a frequently asked questions (FAQ) page on each product and service, and a broad new range of Internet based, specialized communication services.

Welcome, and let us know of any services, products, or improvements you would like to see!

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