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ARRIS Architect provides all the tools you need to create complete contract drawings. ARRIS Architect is both flexible and powerful. It extends the capabilities of ARRIS to automate the entire drawing process. Easily customized, the system lets you work the way you want to without constraints.


copyright AJ Diamond, Donald Schmitt & Co. Key Features

Smart structural elements eliminate tedious work
Unlike most systems that construct drawings line by line, ARRIS design automation routines have built-in intelligence to generate stairs, lavatories, elevators and column grids in response to a few simple prompts. "Smart walls" place window and door openings automatically, clean up intersections and "heal" changes. "Designed stairs" creates and stores 250 different solutions. This resident intelligence lets you modify drawings as if you created them one line at a time.

Design refinement tools enhance productivity
Make changes and design refinements quickly, completely and accurately. Change an object and all facts associated with it dimensions, colors, costs, etc. are automatically updated and made available for reports. Changes made on one drawing are reflected on all associated drawings for consistency throughout your project.

Standard architectural symbol libraries
ARRIS Architect is packed with standard architectural symbols for details, section bubbles and markers, even plumbing and electrical fixtures. Repeat and scale them to any size. Create and store custom symbols.

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3D extrusion helps visualize your project
ARRIS Architect lets you immediately visualize your project in 3D. Smart walls, doors and windows can be automatically extruded to create sophisticated 3D architectural models.

Intelligence makes reporting easy
With ARRIS Architect, design elements contain both graphic and non-graphic information: materials, fire ratings, costs, U values, colors, manufacturer part numbers, etc. can be included. Select a specific area or the entire drawing and ARRIS Architect estimates the job automatically.

Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment
Choose from a selection of over 250 generic 2D and 3D furniture, fixture and equipment items or select them from a manufacturer's library. Create your own items and add them to the library.

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