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ARRIS CAD is the centerpiece of the ARRIS family of application solutions. Unlike ordinary CAD systems, ARRIS CAD incorporates all the drafting and management tools needed to handle architectural projects of any size or complexity. It is seamlessly integrated with the entire suite of ARRIS plug-ins to create the most comprehensive, AEC software environment in the industry. ARRIS CAD is a highly customizable, network-compatible solution which supports a wide variety of Windows and UNIX-based platforms.

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Key Features

ARRIS CAD makes learning easier with its intuitive, icon-based menu system. Once you learn ARRIS CAD's "point-and-click" interface, you will quickly understand the entire family of ARRIS applications.

Activate your favorite commands with simple gestures of your mouse.

Drag and drop your favorite icons to your personalized Toolbar for faster access. Customize your icons and create shortcut menus.

Dynamic Viewports
Cut viewport windows into your drawings at any scale or rotation to provide a fast and flexible sheet composition tool. Use viewports to quickly load drawings, or as a productivity tool to automatically update design modifications.


Powerful 3D Tools
Use geometric primitives and construction planes to easily generate both simple and complex structures. Cut holes in slabs. Extrude any shape along a user-defined path to quickly create highly-detailed models.

Shared Drawing Access
Simultaneously share drawings with other project team members over a network while using different hardware platforms. Multiple design changes are automatically saved to a single, project database. ARRIS CAD provides true workgroup computing.

Data Compatibility
Export and import ARRIS drawings to DXF and DWG file formats.

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