Custom DataBase Interface

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Effective Facilities Management requires making data easily accessible to those with limited or nonexistent training in CAD or Database management. AE Support provides the basic software solutions through products from Sigma Design International, LLC, Aritek, Inc., and Expert Infocad, Inc. We then provide custom interfaces to those products that allow you to access data held either within drawing databases or external database information and produce custom reports with the click of a mouse button.

Links to active database information in Dbase™, Oracle™, Informix™, and numerous other structures are available. By merely clicking on an area of a map or drawing and choosing from a simple customized menu, queries ranging from personnel location assignments, to cable run lengths in a network, to closest oxygen distribution nodes in a hospital, to a myriad of other stored information, including photographic records and numeric or text data can be made. Another click can produce a report of the results or perform a search and locate a piece of equipment for maintenance or repair. The possibilities are almost limitless, the potential for productivity return is astronomical.

Let us provide you with references and examples of how facilities managers at universities, major international retail operations, and hospitals are using these tools to be more efficient and more responsive to the demands of management for up-to-date decision making information.

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