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The ARRIS Details application greatly enhances the ability of ARRIS to produce detail drawings and to compose sheets of details without restriction. ARRIS Details simplifies one of the most labor-intensive aspects of the drafting process and enables users to work with several differently scaled drawings on the same sheet.

The ability to assemble detail sheets of varying scales is essential to producing contract documents. With ARRIS Details, simply compose the sheet layout and assign the desired scale to each of the work areas. Users are not limited in the number of drawings or scales that can be included on a sheet. Use the Details Library to create, manage and categorize libraries of standard details easily.

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Key Features

Detail sheet management
Use the ARRIS Details sheet manager to quickly create standard detail sheets including titleblocks and borders. Non-standard sheets can be easily created using the menu tools to join, clear or customize individual detail cells.

Construction menus
ARRIS Details assists you in creating simple or complex details by providing you with construction tools to assemble the basic structural elements. Included are tools for constructing:
Steel - Anchor bolts, metal decks, metal studs, angles, joists, channels, rebar, pipe and tubing.
Timber - Beams, plywood, shingles, siding, glulams, trusses and joists.
Masonry - Bricks, blocks, bond blocks and lintel blocks.
Concrete - Double tees, beams, panels and foundation walls.

Design automation tools
Structural elements such as beams, panels, trusses, decks and joists can be easily placed in both plan and section views and poched automatically. As with all ARRIS design automation products, these are menu driven and easy to use.

Symbol libraries
ARRIS Details also includes a group of both generic and manufacturer-specific symbols for metal glazing extrusions, flashing and trim items and hollow metal channels.

Details library manager
Organize and catalogue your standard details into groups and subgroups that can be easily previewed and placed from an expandable menu tree.

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