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ARRIS SIGMAC is a powerful programming language used to facilitate the creation of new ARRIS applications and enhance existing ones. ARRIS uses this same high-level programming language to develop its own advanced applications while giving users, resellers and software developers the ability to customize their existing ARRIS applications, exploiting the full power and capacity of ARRIS.

ARRIS SIGMAC is a compiled, not interpreted, programming language that offers the high level of execution speed and efficiency required by system developers. ARRIS SIGMAC is easy to use, with English-like commands and straightforward logic functions.

Creating timesaving tools to reduce repetitious tasks is easy using ARRIS SIGMAC. With ARRIS SIGMAC, systems managers can set up drawing formats, layer structures and file management procedures customized to their own office standards.

ARRIS SIRGEN is a sophisticated data-management and report-generation language that adds a new dimension to ARRIS. ARRIS SIRGEN links data management and report generation directly to the graphics database, enabling users and developers to create powerful, integrated applications.

ARRIS SIRGEN's flexible organization permits customized file formats; fields can be defined and positioned individually. While many systems allow access to only four files for any report, ARRIS SIRGEN can access up to 32 files simultaneously. Once a data field is selected for a report, the system will automatically perform the necessary links to identify the appropriate files for the data.

With ARRIS SIRGEN, users can also create simple, standard reports or develop complex, custom reports, tailored to their specific needs. Information may be sorted and displayed in any order, or linked automatically to other fields. These reports add descriptions to the database items and can also perform mathematical computations such as subtotals and grand totals on multiple fields.

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