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ARRIS DuctPlus is a fully featured HVAC duct design and drafting program. It integrates duct design with the creation of HVAC construction documents to streamline design and layout for consulting engineers, architects, and facilities managers.

Developed by HVAC engineers, ARRIS DuctPlus goes beyond competing products, completely integrating drawing and calculation routines.

ARRIS DuctPlus supports both imperial and metric measurement conventions.

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Key Features

Intelligence builds functionality into the design process
Define duct system parameters such as size, material, type and airflow, then update without redrawing. DuctPlus automatically generates double-line drawings from single-line layouts. SMACNA and ASHRAE fittings placement are also automated. Annotate drawings anywhere in one easy step.

Store configuration parameters for any type diffuser
Create any neck size or shape. Place in all standard modes, individually or in multiples. Use extensive query and editing powers to make changes or retrieve data.

Built-in calculation programs support Industry standards
Popular duct sizing methods - equal friction and constant velocity - help solve challenging design problems. Figure total duct system pressure loss using ASHRAE's fitting loss coefficient tables. Calculate room or building air flow with Air Change Rate Program or CFM/sq. ft.(L/s/m2)

Flexible database enhances layer management
Create and manage single or multiple HVAC projects per database. DuctPlus automatically tracks each HVAC entity and places them in a separate layer without user-intervention for dramatic savings in time.

Built-in equipment library
Select equipment symbols from a library of industry-standard terminal units. Parametric routines help create user-definable libraries as well as standard equipment manufacturer libraries.

Drawing annotation
Easily access graphic note setups and flexible, one-step notation for ductwork, diffusers and equipment.

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