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ARRIS Facilities Management is an object-oriented management information system that works in conjunction with ARRIS. ARRIS Facilities Management allows users to link non-graphic information to graphic entities and provides extensive query and reporting functions for displaying data.

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Key Features

Flexible attribute assignment tools
ARRIS Facilities Management assigns attribute intelligence to objects and their geometric properties using a simple, yet powerful hierarchical menu system. Different attribute structures can be easily established to satisfy the demands of a wide range of facilities business issues.

Powerful search and query routines
Use ARRIS Facilities Management to create highly detailed search criteria and extend the search across different rooms, floors, buildings or even across multiple databases. Commonly used search criteria can be saved and easily retrieved for future reporting.

External database linking
View or report attributes stored in either ASCII text files or in external data managers such as Lotus, dBASE or others. Attributes can also be read and written to ASCII files produced by other software programs. This feature provides integration between other databases and eliminates redundant data entry.

Built-in object linking
ARRIS Facilities Management allows the user to link objects and related data into logical hierarchies. For example, the components of an office workstation, such as panels, work surfaces, chairs, etc., can all be linked together under a single module for placement, query and reporting.

Powerful global editing
Edit objects individually or globally using existing simple edit windows, sophisticated search files or both.

Customizable object placement routines
Customize your ARRIS Facilities Management by creating 'object styles' to associate commonly used objects with predefined attributes.

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