Facilities Planning

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ARRIS Facilities Planning is an automated, easy-to-use tool for generating and evaluating space needs, exploring alternatives, comparing results and presenting solutions. ARRIS Facilities Planning simplifies every stage of the planning process from preliminary data entry to drawing and reporting. Automatic functions speed data entry and provide constant feedback and analysis. ARRIS Facilities Planning is so intuitive, even a novice can be productive quickly.

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Key Features

Intuitive access to information makes project planning easy
Simple input menus enable you to quickly define project parameters. Inter-departmental affinities can be assigned on a seven-point scale using both positive and negative affinity ratings. Highly visual tools display color-coded affinity matrix and stack diagrams.

Import existing floor plans
ARRIS Facilities Planning uses floor plans created by ARRIS or ARRIS Architect, or will automatically generate simple schematic layouts. Icon-based drawing tools can be used to quickly modify or customize complex building and core configurations. Move core and floor area boundaries and watch ARRIS Facilities Planning automatically recalculate and display updated core and floor square footage as you design.

Forecast space requirements
Interactive calculator assists in establishing space standards and calculating future space requirements based on departmental growth over five time periods.

Generate stacking diagrams
Select a floor for each department manually or let the ARRIS Facilities Planning stacking algorithm optimize the floor assignments automatically.

Create blocking plans
Quickly create 'blocked' floor plan schematics using powerful tools that let you place departments dynamically with your mouse while keeping track of previous affinity and square footage assignments.

Generate standard reports
Reports are generated without need for custom formatting. Bubble diagrams and block plans can be plotted with notes, labels and other text for complete presentations.

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