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ARRIS Site enhances the capabilities of ARRIS to create site plans and construction documents, as well as to prepare site studies and marketing proposals for potential clients. Use ARRIS Site to enter survey information provided by a civil engineer or land surveyor, draw existing contour lines or spot elevations, and lay out proposed contour lines. Site plans can then be completed by adding detail information such as vehicles, trees, shrubs and people. Following the completion of site drafting work, ARRIS Site enables users to generate a 3D model or contour section.


Site Contour
Key Features

Easy input of site boundary information
ARRIS Site lets you enter your site boundary information in a variety of ways. Enter existing and proposed contour lines by digitizing, drawing, or quick sketching. ARRIS Site automatically labels all contour lines, yet allows complete control over label location and format.

Parking lot design tools
ARRIS Site uses a powerful, yet simple, graphical interface for the design and placement of parking lots and parking islands. Single and double-sided parking configurations for sawtooth, inverted and curved parking lots can be easily designed and previewed before placement on the site.

Concrete flatwork tools
Straight, curved, and radius sidewalks, handicap ramps and driveways can be quickly placed using the ARRIS Site flatwork menu.

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Built-in symbol libraries
ARRIS Site includes a library of commonly used symbols such as trees, shrubs, equipment, people, electrical and mechanical, cars and people.

Built-in patterns
Select standard crosshatch patterns from the ARRIS Site menu library or create your own customized patterns.

3D visualization tools
Increase your ability to communicate design concepts by letting ARRIS Site automatically generate a 'wedding cake' model, a surface grid model, or a contour section directly from your contour line layouts.

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