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Social Services Manager is a software program designed specifically for Non-Profit Social Service Agencies, Organizations, and Church Groups.

Why you need it:

In today's world, all resources are precious, including the number of volunteers available to evaluate clients in need and organize and distribute assistance. Every hour spent on paperwork, filing, or interviews to re-create a repeat client's history for evaluation is time that should be spent doing more valuable service.

Unfortunately, many groups find themselves the target of fraudulent claims for assistance. Without a simple, yet sophisticated means of tracking clients, they become repeat targets. Every hour of assistance, basket of food, or financial aid lost in this way diminishes the societies ability to help those most in need.

Social Services Manager was designed to help groups like yours more efficiently manage their clients, volunteers, and other resources. More specifically - Identify clients by name or social security number. Tag "problem" clients. Create mailing labels for volunteers and donors. Keep track of referral resources. Track client follow-up.

How you can afford it:

The computer equipment required to automate much of the daily tasks of a society are now available at remarkably reasonable costs, either by purchase or donation. Used equipment capable of running this program, for instance, should be available locally for under $500. Larger organizations may benefit from a larger investment in computer equipment.

How easy it is:

This program was designed specifically for use by someone only minimally familiar with the use of computers. While some knowledge is helpful, any local supplier can provide the hour or two of assistance needed to prepare the computer, if necessary, for use of this program. Installing the program is totally automated, and requires no prior knowledge. Use of the program is designed to be intuitive. Every step and function has been documented and made available electronically within the program "Help" function.

Most Social Services Manager functions can be accessed with point-and-click mouse techniques. This makes using Social Services Manager simple and easy to learn. A basic "Windows" instruction is included in the "Help" function.

An offer we hope you can't refuse:

After over two years of development and testing, we are ready to make this program available to service organizations. After using the program, we hope your comments and suggestions will help us to improve it further. A portion of all initial sales will be donated to one of our local St. Vincent DePaul Society groups, which provided the pattern of record keeping on which the program is based.

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