Facilities Planning

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Planning today involves much more than adding up spaces and people and making projections. Planning new facilities, expanding, or reorganizing space utilization is often a matter of incorporating emerging technologies and systems and projecting the sequence of utilization of those new systems in the workplace. AE Support is uniquely qualified to direct this type of effort. Our continued involvement in leading edge systems such as those by Sigma Design allow us to be on the forefront of planning with the most current tools available for the task.

Utilizing advanced systems of association matrices via computer software, we can integrate spacial relationships between departments while simultaneously mapping data networks and cabling alternatives. This allows the production of design options for evaluation by management that demonstrate both the seen and the unseen effects of changing systems.

We have the ability to consult on or develop a space planning effort. But more importantly, we have the knowledge and experience to simultaneously deliver and train personnel in the continued management of the facility utilizing state-of-the-art software solutions.

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