Space Analysis

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An independent audit of space utilization is being utilized by Corporate America to fine tune efficiencies and make them even more competitive on in the world market. AE Support Group provides that independent, experienced analysis; utilizing computer generated reports, charts, stacking and blocking diagrams, and relational matrices.

For leased spaces, a space inventory, combined with a concise analysis of use can provide management with the objective data and recommendation to effectively make progressive changes, whether through re-negotiations of leases or more efficient organization of current assets.

Why an independent audit of space utilization? First, in-house facilities managers or others are rarely safe from the influence of department heads or even the unintended mind set already a part of the organization. Their audit is more likely to be a way to justify previous figures, planning models, or assumptions. Second, if the time of in-house personnel are being properly utilized, they don't have the appropriate amount of time required to do a thorough audit and a serious analysis. Even those in-house people devoted to "strategic planning" can rarely be given enough time to "look back" and recover wasted space and inefficient physical organization.

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