Space Inventory

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In the past, the necessary evil of taking a space inventory or producing a record of existing conditions was regarded as a task for the lowest ranking personnel. Accuracy was minimal and as long as the numbers added up, management was happy.

Today, precision is demanded in such undertakings. Whether the record drawings are produced for the benefit of other designers, architects, or engineers as a basis for alterations, or for the purpose of distributing costs among different departments; the value of experience and knowledgeable integration of data with other management tools is paramount.

At AE Support, field work is always performed by a team of experienced architects or surveyors who follow through to the completed electronic record, which is tailored to the ultimate needs of the management team. We are able to deliver drawings and calculations in a variety of formats, from simple line drawings to truly "intelligent" drawings such as those available with advanced cad systems such as ARRIS.

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