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While we are capable of developing sites for any business or discipline, our initial focus has been the development of sites for architects and engineers as part of our continuing expansion of services to our core clients.

Architects and Engineers are notoriously bad at two things, business and communications. One new wrinkle in the world of the design professional is the growing influence of Internet based information and commerce. If you aren't already accessing specification and manufacturers data electronically, you will be. If you still use physical transportation systems to get drawings across town or around the world, you will soon find yourself sitting in the dust with the slide rules, typewriters, and mechanical pencils of your predecessors.

Drawing exchange, advertising, proposal requests, live presentations, and project management are being handled over the Internet at a rate of growth that would stager your imagination. If your competition is doing it, you know you must too. But how? How do you find the information, expertise, personnel, training, or TIME to be a part of this overwhelming change in the way you work?

AE Support is positioning itself to be your means of competing with the BIG BOYS. Technology can either enrich or detract from your enjoyment and prosperity as an architect or engineer. Our job is to help you "Work Smarter, Not Harder" through products and services that you control without an inordinate amount of time investment. As a professional, all you ever have to sell is your time and expertise.

A first step toward having an equalizing electronic presence is to have a web page or site available for your prospective clients. As architects and engineers, we understand your needs and your message. As web developers, our job is to help you present your electronic "message" with the same impact and effectiveness that you expect from other forms of media. We don't want to design your web page or site, but what we really want to do is enable you to "design" the page or site that you want without having to learn the technology to accomplish it.

Whether you want us to replicate your existing brochure, translate your ideas into a working web page or site, or assist you in the design of a whole new "electronic marketing campaign"; AE Support provides that means to assist you.

For more information, feel free to contact us by registering through our reply and information request form, and we will contact you as special opportunities in your field are made available. Your name on our contact list will not be sold or shared, and your request for information will be honored as that alone.

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