General Procedures/Process

  • Complete the online “Register through AE Support Group Form” and pay the fee.
  • Complete the online “Request for Inspection Form” and pay the fee.  A discount of $25.00 is automatically provided if registration and inspection fees are completed together.
  • Download and complete the “Proof of Submission” form. This form will be submitted with your drawings no later than 20 days after the issuance of the construction documents.  Smaller projects may be emailed directly to us.  Larger projects should be uploaded via an FTP site.
  • Once we have received the completed forms and payment, we will register the project with TDLR and provide you with the TDLR EABPRJ# required as part of the submission for building permits in Texas.
  • When we receive the project construction documents, we will review the project and send you a letter and a review report noting any deficiencies.
  • Keep us up to date via email on any changes to the estimated date of completion and we will update the TDLR database regarding your project’s information.
  • Once we receive notification that the project is completed, we will coordinate a time with you to complete the required inspection. Based on our inspection, your project will either (1) receive a letter stating “Inspection Completed – No Violations”, at which point we will close the project with TDLR; or (2)  if any deficiencies are noted during our inspection, you will receive an “Inspection Completed – Violations Pending” and an inspection report specifically noting those deficiencies.  You will then be given a period of time dictated by TDLR to correct any violations.  Once all the violations noted by the inspection report have been corrected, you will complete and return to us the Inspection Response Form.  When we receive this form we will return a letter to you stating “Corrective Modifications – No Violations”, and we will close the project file with TDLR.

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